OS Technosys enjoys a high reputation as a LED light, supplier throughout India. All our products are sourced from reputed supplier around the world & meet high standards & requirements for Indian Lighting conditions. We, at OS Technosys offers a comprehensive range of products in SMD LED, Optics, Solder paste & Lighting fixture solutions for all segments like general,commercial,industrial and automotive lighting making us one of the dominant distributors & providers of Lighting Components.

OS Technosys is distributor of some top brands of SMD LEDs. Apart from this we also specialize in supply of optics solutions for street light & COB. We also provide AC LED Module & IC solutions to develop Driver on board solutions removing need of external drivers for Indoor lights.

OS Technosys offers High-Power LED components of various sizes, shapes, colors and brightness. We feature High-Power Surface Mount Device (SMD) LEDs from top brands.Our goal is to supply customers with great LED components at an affordable price, that is why we are always careful to select high quality bins from our top manufacturers, making sure you get the highest Lumen output and the best colours while keeping the forward voltage low, so we can guarantee the best efficiency possible. We also provide automotive lighting solution for all customised application.